Children’s Early Intervention Trust constitution

Children’s Early Intervention Trust  is a registered charity whose prime objective is to ensure that children suffering from Conduct Disorder, their families and teachers have access to effective research based interventions.

The needs of such children are for them to learn to manage frustration through the development of skills to enhance their social and emotional competence. The goal for the parents and teachers of these children is that they will learn relationship enhancing and non-coercive strategies for supporting these children.

The work of Children’s Early Intervention Trust can be summarised in terms of three activities:

  1. to disseminate research evidence on effective strategies and the availability of training in such programmes.
  2. to obtain resources to establish research into effective interventions.
  3. to act as a resource signposting parents, teachers and children to statutory and voluntary organisations that deliver effective services.

To obtain funds to enable the dissemination of evidence based programmes and the training of statutory and voluntary sector agency staff in effective interventions.

To fund and oversee research into effective support to children, teachers and parents.


The charity will have a minimum of three trustees with the opportunity to elect/invite other people to become trustees at the discretion of the existing trustees.

Financial control
One trustee will be elected to act as Company Secretary/Finance Trustee.
All cheques and payments to be signed by two signatories.

Trustees will meet four times a year for the purpose of managing the programme of work and fund raising activities. Any two trustees can require an emergency meeting of the Trustees at  a notice of 14 days.

The Director will attend Trustee meetings to report on the programme of work in hand and to agree the programme of work for the coming quarter.

All grant applications will be reviewed and endorsed by the full Board of Trustees prior to an application being made

All Trustee meetings will be minuted and confirmed as a true record of the meeting at the subsequent meeting, signed by the Chair person.

One Trustee will be elected to serve as Chairperson

There will be an Annual General Meeting at which the officers of Chairperson and Treasurer/Company Secretary will be confirmed for the coming year.

Equal opportunities policies