Professor Judy Hutchings

Professor Judy Hutchings has worked in North Wales since 1973, for many years as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, working with children with significant behavioural difficulties. Since her retirement from the NHS in 2010 she retains an honorary NHS contract. She is Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) research team at Bangor University where she has worked part-time since 1988. She undertakes research with referred children and their families and early preventive work with parents, children and teachers. She has held grants totalling over £1.5 million, has published extensively and, since 2006, has worked with the Welsh Government providing training and consultation to services across Wales. She has provided evidence on effective early intervention to government departments in England and Wales and been an expert witness to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in their determination on conduct disorder. She has lectured and taught internationally including in Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, Poland and Portugal. In 1999 she was awarded Fellowship of the BPS, in 2004 she was Welsh Woman Educator of the year and in 2010 received the Institute for Welsh Affairs Inspire Wales Educator Award. The Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) was launched by the then Deputy Minister for Children, Huw Lewis of the Welsh Assembly Government at our 2011 conference building on the earlier work of the Incredible Years Wales Centre and in June 2011 she was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list for services to children and families.

Ceri Evans

Ceri Evans completed her degree in Psychology with Child and Language Development at Bangor University. As part of her undergraduate research project she examined the effect of a Welsh phonics based direct instruction programme on children's reading ability. She is currently working as a project research support officer at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention Trust (CEBEI) for the Lottery project evaluating the Incredible Years Small Group Dina Programme in Gwynedd. Ceri also began her part-time Masters in September, 2010.

Laura Parry

Laura Parry graduated from Bangor University in 2009 with a degree in Psychology, She returned to Bangor last September to complete a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis. In the Summer of 2010 she worked at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) on a Go Wales placement assisting on the lottery project. She commenced her Ph.D. in September, 2010 which runs alongside the Lottery funded grant. The basis of her Ph.D. project involves the development of an observational tool to assess peer interactions in schools delivering three Incredible Years Programmes to promote social and emotional competence; Small Group Therapeutic Dina Programme, Classroom Dina and the Teacher Classroom Management Programme. The Ph.D. is part funded by the School of Psychology and the Children's Early Intervention Trust Charity.

Margiad Elen Williams

Margiad Elen Williams read Psychology at Cardiff University and graduated in 2009. She had previously worked at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) during the summer of 2008 on a Go Wales placement. Following her graduation, she was fortunate to get a post as a temporary Research Assistant at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) helping to write research papers for publication. In October 2009, she began work on an MRes (Masters in research) funded by KESS (European funding with the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) as co-sponsor). The project aimed to validate a developmental screening tool known as the Schedule of Growing Skills (SOGS) against the standardised Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS). She obtained her Masters in July, 2011 and now works on the Lottery Funded Project.

Nia Cathryn Williams

Nia Williams was seconded to a post as a part-time Flying Start Liaison teacher in 2007 after eighteen years of classroom teaching with 4-8 year olds. Her work includes supporting Rhiain Gwyn in introducing "Cwricwlwm Caleb" into child-care settings based on IY methods and principles. She also helps with refresher courses following these training sessions. In September 2010 she started a two-year secondment for two days a week to the Children's Early Intervention Trust's research team. Her work involves supporting teachers and school staff, that are taking part in the Lottery funded IY Small Group Therapeutic Dina School programme research project. For the remainder of the week she continues as the Flying Start Liaison Teacher.

Nicole Gridley

Nicole Gridley read psychology at Bangor University, graduating in 2007 and has completed her Masters degree in the Foundations of Clinical Psychology also at Bangor in 2010. She was awarded a 12-week GoWales placement in 2009 to assist in the pilot study, evaluation of the Dina School Programme. Following this she was given an extended contract to assist in the data collection of the evaluation of the Toddler programme with Nia Griffith. In September, 2010 Nicole was awarded a 3-year part-funded Ph.D. with the School of Psychology and Children's Early Intervention Trust to develop an observational tool that will assess emerging language in Toddlers aged 1-3 years old. Nicole intends, following completion of her Ph.D, to continue working in the area of child development.

Eleanor Lane

Eleanor Lane is Part-time Research Officer, employed by Bangor Universuity to lead the research in a Lottery funded project to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of children attending schools in Gwynedd and Powys. She graduated from Bangor University in 1998 with a degree in psychology. Since graduating she been involved in several research projects evaluating interventions for children with conduct problems and ways of supporting parents.

Stephanie Watts

Stephanie completed her first degree in Psychology at the University of Bath. As part of her undergraduate degree Stephanie worked as a Research Assistant at a Clinical Research Unit in New Zealand. In September 2011 she joined the Centre for Evidenced Based Early Intervention (CBEBI) as a part-time Project Research Support Officer. She is part of the Lottery Funded project evaluating the Incredible Years Therapeutic small group Dinosaur Curriculum in Gwynedd. Stephanie has also begun a part-time MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University.

Karen Wyn Jones

Karen Jones graduated with a BSc in Psychology with the Open University in 2010. She has worked for several years in Birmingham City Council with vulnerable children and young people, most recently as a Children's Rights Advocate and Participation Officer. She is working as a research support officer for the Lottery funded project evaluating the Incredible years Small Group Dina programme. She is also studying for a MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University.